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A New Hair Loss Treatment Process - Options Available

Using your body's own stem cells - to grow new hair:

You have two options - Option 1 via a full Clinic Service, or Option 2 to utilise the more affordable Individual Home Kit.

Ethical, safe and effective, our stem cell hair regeneration services and products are a breakthrough in hair loss treatments and can often compliment other treatment modalities you might be underway with.

Option 1 . Stem Cell Hair Regeneration - Via Clinic Service
This is a two step process that can be conducted over one full day. First a minimally invasive 45 minute (approx) collection of Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells is achieved with local anesthetic. The body tissue is then removed, separated, purified and cultured. These stem cells are then applied under the scalp, to allow the hair regeneration process to begin.. This treatment may take place together with a hair transplant, depending on the requirements.
This service starts at US$3,500. Click here to email us and start the process.
Option 2. Stem Cell Hair Regeneration - Via Individual Home Kit
A Five-In-One approach allows you to encourage your body to increase stem cell co-factors naturally, allowing real hair growth. We attempt via various applicators, gels and sprays to encourage production of A.A. (Autologous Adult) stem cells already located on your scalp, but may have become dormant over time.
Another example of one of the 5 elements used, is by using health supplements to reduce the rate of hair loss, which in some men is caused by excessive testosterone byproduct production.
This Home Kit starts at US$95. Click here to email us and start the process.

Question: What is the main difference between these two options?
Answer: Option 1- Clinic Service allows a faster and more intense stem cell regeneration process to occur, and this is due to the larger amounts of stem cells brought into action. Additionally we may be able to offer a SCEHT service where a hair transplant is enhanced through the activation of stem cells.

Option 2 -Individual Home Kit, allows you to practice daily application or as much as can be allowed by your schedule. You can fit the treatment amount and time around your own routine, and this can be kept up much like a gym routine or eating habit. A daily application would yield the strongest possible results. The Individual Home Kit has the benefit of a lower money investment but a higher time investment.

Information for Medical Professionals:

How do A.A. stem cells work?
When these cells are placed under the surface of the scalp in pores (option 1), or are encouraged to proliferate with the Individual Home Kit (option 2), they will promote vascularization and encourage new capillaries to form. This provides a suitable environment for the hair follicles to grow brand new, and ultimately dense, healthy hair.

In Option 1, Why is Adipose Tissue Collected?
Although Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells and bone marrow stem cells are virtually identical and both possess the ability to become hair follicle cells, adipose tissue is collected because it contains a more plentiful source of stem cells than what is found in bone marrow. Adipose tissue retrieval also has the added advantage of only requiring a minimally invasive procedure, while the bone marrow matter retrieval necessitates multiple retrieval injections (known as bone marrow aspiration), due to a limited stem cell count content. This means adipose retrieval is more effective and safer. Another available option for collecting stem cells is by means of artificially stimulating an increase in the release of stem cells from bone marrow into the blood. Although this may be effective in increasing stem cells into the blood, it may tax older patients, it takes several weeks to extract stem cells and it costs significantly more. A.A.A. Stem Cell services are not only the most cost effective but also have the most convenient and comfortable extraction process.

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