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Hair Regeneration

Stem cell treatments have been appearing more and more in the news recently, with the past few years showing an increase in successful test results.

But why has no viable product or service become mainstream (until now that is)? And still why are so many men suffering with this gradual and continuous problem, without any real way to slow down and possibly reverse hair loss.

That's why Recoverup launched two options for those wanting to take advantage of the latest research and technology to get results today. After being thoroughly clinically evaluated on our testers and an initial 5 years of client data, we are now able to deliver even better results in 2013.

Take advantage of this new application of stem cells, and start growing your own new hair!

The Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Treatment:

Uses Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) stem cells   Uses Autologous Adult (A.A.) or from adipose A.A. stem cells
Option 1: in Clinic- Taken from a small sample of your body's adipose tissue (fat stores), the stem cells are then separated out and grown into a 'culture' of sufficient volume for the treatment. The stem cells are 'differentiated' with growth factors to ensure they perform the desired hair growth function.
Option 2: Home Kit - The possibly dormant Autologous Adult stem cells already in your scalp, are encouraged to return to being functional and thus supporting new hair growth.

New Hair Creation   Causes New hair creation
Option 1: Our procedure stimulates the growth of brand new hair, by placing A.A.A. stem cells (derived from your own body), in pores under the surface of the scalp.
The stem cells act by releasing growth factors, which increase the production of hair and improve the supply of blood to the scalp.
Option 2: A.A Stem cells that are already on the area required by the process are encouraged to release growth factors which improve the supply of blood to the scalp and ultimately increase the speed of new hair creation.

Hair Regrowth Using Stem Cells   Requires Only two appointments/ or use the Home Kit
Option 1: The first appointment is for the retrieval of adipose tissue, the second is for the treatment; involving the application of the A.A.A. Stem cells. Optionally, these two appointments can be combined into a full day 'same day service' procedure.
Option 2: By using the 5 in One Home Kit, you can practice daily application or as much as can be allowed by your schedule. You can fit the treatment amount and time around your own routine, and this can be kept up much like a gym routine or eating habit. A daily application would yield the strongest possible results.

DEFINITION OF TERMS: The term Stem Cell Hair Regeneration simply involves taking stem cells from your own body, preparing and activating them in the right way, and using them to stimulate the increase in hair growth in areas which are thinning.

If we consider the source of the cells, this is to say, YOU, and you are of at least 18 years old, then the cells are termed adult, thus the term, A.A, meaning Autologous Adult. If derived via the Clinic in Option 1, then they will be Adipose derived, given the term, A.A.A.

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