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Our Standards: Ethical, Safe and Effective Hair Loss Treatments Using Stem Cells taken from your own body.

Recoverup's new Stem Cell Hair Regeneration treatment is the revolutionary solution to hair loss, taking your own stem cells and transforming them into enduring new hair. By using your own stem cells, you are avoiding the previous barriers to stem cell usage (such as those that required the use of embryos) and as such, we adhere to the The Charter for Ethical Cell Usage. You can rest assured that your ethical welfare is taken care of, whilst you are having your hair regenerated. .

Recoverup specializes in Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A) stem cell treatments, providing customers with a completely safe service for regenerating hair. Autologous stem cells (taken from your own body, and used only in your own bodies treatment) have been shown in numerous peer-reviewed medical papers to be safer than embryonic stem cells, as the body doesn't reject cells of it's own DNA. Additionally, we always perform our treatments in fully licensed, hygenic, state-of-the-art clinics, with medical staff trained to the highest standards.

Our hair regeneration procedure uses the most advanced and effective techniques that are available today; using autologous stem cells which are quickly becoming a medical phenomenon. Autologous stem cells have been found to be more effective in treatments as the cells adapt more easily to the their new environment (compared to other sources of stem cells, such as embryos or animals).
We assure the quality and effectiveness of your procedure by having only US Board Certified Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons performing your hair regeneration.



Corporate Information:
Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration

Our work ethic is all about getting YOU the "Aha! new hair smile" throughout your day!

Recoverup Hair Regeneration has been UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT from Jan 2013.
Recoverup is a division of CoCreate Healthcare Ltd, Jersey, British Isles.

Recoverup Stem Cell Research and Development logistical hub, Edinburgh, Scotland UK.
Dermatological oversight from strategic partner in Paris, France.
Nutraceutical supply partnership from Japanese and German health food supplement suppliers.
Logistics and Manufacturing hub, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Recoverup does not use any GM (genetically modified) ingredients for any oral supplement sold under it's brand name.

Recoverup products such as the Individual Home Kit, were not tested on animals. We do not believe in cruelty to animals.

Recoverup is firm believer in individual choice and freedom of speech. We support the right of each individual to make their own choices about health care options.

We welcome all comments and criticisms so that we can improve our service to you. Please contact us and let us know if there are areas we need to improve. Thanks and have a nice day!

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