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Please select the appropriate form below in-line with your needs.

Option 2: Individual Home Kits -

Join our Free mailing list below for updates on launch dates and specifications.

News update -- Option 2 is our new lower priced Individual Home Kit that you can administer in the convenience of your own home. Please sign up using this form above and we will get back to you as soon as we have new information on the launch date for the first public batch. ( If you have signed up in the past, we will still have your information, so there is no need to register again).

Option 1: Clinic - with Free Consultation

If you are purchasing a Clinic service then we offer a free consultation to discuss suitability. First, fill out the form below and tell us more of your current condition and what you would like to change about it. If you can, please include a picture showing the approximate range of your hair loss now. These pictures are only to be used for evaluation purposes by our customer service team (Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on our Data Protection policies).
Note: as of July 2013, we are not offering the free consultation via the internet, however, we will arrange a telephone interview for those eligible for a meeting with a suitable Doctor.

Media, Bloggers, Affiliates and Partners

Please contact us through this portal and we will get back to you with the right internal member for you to interact with. For interviews please mark the subject as 'media'. All other partners and affiliate contact, please mark the subject appropriately. Depending on the time zone, we will get back to you as soon as possible using your contact number or email. Thanks and have a good day.

Recoverup B2B:Clinics, Spa's & Resellers

If you are a Hair Restoration Clinic or Spa, or provide reselling and require drop-ship services to parties interested in stem cell hair regeneration and slowing hair loss, then please contact us using this form. We can then arrange a telephone call to discuss your needs further.
We are also interested in working with qualified Clinics and Spa's as partners, and can refer clients to you as we receive inquiries from around the world. Please get in touch and we can talk further.

Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration
Corporate Information;
Recoverup is a division of CoCreate Healthcare Ltd, Jersey, British Isles.
Recoverup Stem Cell Research and Development logistical hub, Edinburgh, Scotland UK.
Dermatological oversight from strategic partner in Paris, France.
Nutraceutical supply partnership from Japanese and German health food supplement suppliers.
Logistics and Manufacturing hub, Taipei, Taiwan.

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