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Why Choose A Hair Regrowth Treatment using Stem Cells?

Currently there are several options available to those suffering from thinning hair, such as medications and hair transplants. The Stem Cell Hair Regeneration services and products we offer can be used together with other methods at the same time.

For example, a hair transplant may be exactly what you need to get a large bald area treated quickly (and we also offer support for this to your local hair restoration expert, in the form of SCEHT, Stem Cell Enhanced Hair Transplant, with both topical and oral modalities).

Or, later you might need continued Stem Cell activity to keep and expand thinning hair. For this we would suggest our trademark Stem Cell Hair Regeneration services, in the form of; Option 1. Clinic treatment or Option 2. Individual Home Kit.

You may also wish to continue using other topical or oral products you might currently be on schedule with.

The stem cells we use are safe, effective and ethically sourced.

Fast, Safe & Convenient
We make the whole process safe and convenient for our customers. Both Option 1 and Option 2 of the treatment are minimally invasive. If you select Option 1, you can expect a full treatment to be conducted within a day, at one of our hygenic state-of-the-art medical facilities or a partner facility. If you are using Option 2, treat yourself whenever you like in the convenience of your own home, and thus be in full control of the speed of treatment.

More Effective
Since the treatment uses the bodies own stem cells, there are no rejection issues and this causes the treatment to be very effective. With Recoverup you will see noticeable results, with typical hair regrowth results within 6 weeks by 50% of the testers we utilised*.

Recoverup actually stimulates the growth of fresh, healthy and long-lasting hair, that will continue to grow long after the treatment is completed.*

*Results may vary, information provided is based on empirical data collected from previous patients and a team of test patients. In some cases hair regrowth may take more than 6 weeks before growth starts. Data from previous patients shows that the new hair formed is permanent, but ongoing environmental factors (such as stress, lifestyle) may also have an effect in the permanence.

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Why Choose A Hair Regrowth Treatment using Stem Cells?
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