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Stem cell treatments offer a new viable option
for hair loss sufferers to regenerate hair.

29 October 2010, Taipei, Taiwan

The past 10 years have seen many new firsts for stem cell applications.  Now for the first time a stem cell treatment that targets male-pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) has become publicly available.  A British company, Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration, has become the first in the race to bring such treatments out to a market of well over 100 million hair loss sufferers worldwide.  Working for the past few years in a privately funded laboratory located in Taipei, Taiwan, the company has finally been able to successfully regrow hair on patient’s scalps, using stem cells taken from their own body.  

“When men and women are faced with the issue of losing their hair, they generally have few options to consider. The main two options are medications and hair transplants. Now, for the first time, there is a new viable option. Stem cells taken from the persons own body can now be used in the treatment of that person's own hair loss. The treatment is available today and it works”, stated Hamish Stewart, Recoverup Marketing Manager.

“Empirical data from trials shows at least 40% of the areas treated by our hair regeneration treatment, show new growth, thicker growth or faster growing hair, giving the overall appearance of more hair.  In many patients there is more than 40% of growth.  Additionally, the growth factors released from the A.D.S.C. (Adipose Derived Stem Cells) injections appear to keep the existing hair in place longer”, stated Medical Director, Dr Fushih Pan, M.D., PhD.

Although stem cell therapies have been in the news frequently over the past 10 years, few treatments have filtered down to the general public. A key reason has been due to the moral and ethical outrage for the use of human embryonic stem cells, which has often meant the destruction of an unborn embryo.  This has not been acceptable to a large portion of the public.

Now, Recoverup, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rejuvenation & Regeneration Healthcare (R&R) UK, has become one of the world's first companies to offer to the general public a new alternative to using embryonic stem cells, instead using autologous stem cells, taken from a persons own body, and used only in the treatment of that person. These autologous stem cells are derived from a patient’s own adipose stores (in layman's terms, ‘body fat’).

Thus A.A.A. (Autologous Adipose Adult) stem cells are set to become the worlds first practical, ethically and morally accepted way to unlock the power of stem cells for the wider general public. Not only are autologous stem cells preferable morally, they have shown to be safer and more effective than embryonic cells in countless medical papers and clinical trials.

“A same day treatment means that customers can expect to have their stem cells extracted via a relatively painless liposuction in the morning, and in the afternoon, have their scalp treated with their own stem cells, making it quick and convenient. The treatment is not limited in the number of hair follicles that can be treated, meaning that a relatively large area of the scalp can be covered in one treatment. Also, as the process of injecting the stem cells with a microscopic needle is minimally invasive, thus a very short recovery time is needed, typically hours”, commented Medical Director, Dr Fushih Pan, M.D., PhD.

“Recoverup, has become the world's first practical and useable stem cell hair regeneration treatment on the market today. In doing so, it offers millions of men and women who suffer from premature hair loss a real and workable hair regrowth treatment, which can be done safely, relatively inexpensively and quickly”, added Hamish Stewart, Recoverup Marketing Manager.

Recoverup now offers this service initially in Taipei, Taiwan. Men and women who have long agonised about the slow and gradual loss of their hair now have a way to get some, if not most of it back, and keep what they have left, by using the power of their bodies own stem cells.

About Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration.
Recoverup Stem Cell Hair Regeneration is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rejuvenation & Regeneration Healthcare (R&R) located in Edinburgh, Scotland with its main Research & Development facilities and treatment clinics located in Taipei, Taiwan.  Recoverup is focused solely the development of hair loss treatments using stem cells, ethically, safely and effectively.  Recoverup abides by the Charter For Ethical Cell Usage and as such never uses stem cells from embryonic or animal sources, instead using only stem cells taken from patients themselves. Recoverup believes each person has the power within their own body to heal themselves.  Recoverup can be found at http://www.recoverup.com


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