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Proserpina Cell Banking & Therapies


Back-up your body at its best with our comprehensive cell banking.
Regenerate your body to it's best with our customized stem cell therapies.

  A.A.A. Stem Cell Banking (suggested for everyone)
Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) Stem Cells are retrieved, minimally processed and stored intact in cGTP Cryogenic Cell Banking facilities in locations around the world.

  Personal DNA Analysis & Report (optional)
We thoroughly analyze your DNA and provide a detailed report, to determine any diseases you might be prone to, and the measures you can take to prevent them.

  Customized Cell Therapy (suggested/recommended if required)
Our network of affiliated laboratories and clinics provide an increasing number of therapies and treatments to suit a variety of patient's needs, through the advanced culturing and processing of cells.

  Give the Gift of Life!
Help someone you care about prepare for their future by banking their cells or by having a cell therapy treatment.

Information for Medical Professionals:

What kinds of treatments may come from A.A.A. stem cells collected from my body?
As of 2010, there are over 70 breakthrough treatments using autologous adult cells, supported by successful clinical trials in the areas of degenerative heart disease, liver cyrrhosis, diabetes type I &II, Parkinson’s, ALS, Arthritis Anti-Ageing, hair regeneration, breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery and many more. Please contact us at service@rrhcare.com for the most up to date current assessment of your particular condition.

Why Bank Your Cells Early?
Over time, as we age, our cells either accumulate mutations or lose their ability to divide, depending on the types of cells in question. Banking your cells as young as possible will ensure you ‘back-up’ your body at its best. These relatively younger cells offer the potential for better regenerative experiences later in life.

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