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Proserpina's 3-step Stem Cell Service


Step 1. A.A.A. Stem Cell Banking – Back up your body (recommended)
Back up your body at it's best
We make the whole process simple for our customers, with a minimally invasive 45 minute collection of A.A.A. Stem Cells done with a local anaesthetic. This is followed by the storage of your stem cells in our state-of-the-art cryogenic banking facilities for your future use.
Step 2. DNA Report & Analysis (optional)
Understand Your DNA
Knowing what your DNA holds, enables you to prepare for and prevent health problems that may arise in the future.
Step 3. Regenerate your body (optional)
Regenerate your body
Regenerative and anti-ageing treatments hold the key to curing many individual diseases and giving those who are suffering from once incurable diseases, a new hope of improving their quality of living.

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